Accident taxi

A Taxi Driver Has Been Taken to Hospital After a Crash

Five people, including a taxi driver, got serious injuries in a crash involving three vehicles outside the entrance to St John’s RC Primary School in Trowbridge […]
Glasgow Taxi

Glasgow Taxi Driver Suspended for Punching the Female Passenger

A Taxi driver from Glasgow is suspended for six months because of punching a female passenger, who was kicking the outside of his vehicle. Kenneth Clark […]
taxi window smash

Man Jailed For Smashing Taxi Window to Avoid £20 Fare

Twenty-eight years old Thomas Barlow got into the taxi with another man around 3 am on February 9 last year, before asking to be taken to […]
edinburgh taxi

Edinburgh Black Cab Driver Furious Over £3,000 Damage

A black cab driver from Edinburgh has accused Scottish water of £3,000 worth of damage to his taxi after he drove over an open manhole. Forty-eight […]