Birmingham Black Cab drivers ‘go slow’ Protest Continues

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Birmingham Black Cab drivers ‘go slow’ Protest Continues

Many black cab drivers have staged their fourth protest against the Birmingham council for proposed clean air zone charges. All the cabbies with high-polluting vehicles will have to pay £8 to enter the city centre after the government approved the city’s clean air zone charges plan.

The cab drivers got upset a few weeks ago when they were offered £5,000 from the council to upgrade their high-polluting vehicles. After the announcement from the Birmingham council, nearly a hundred cab drivers gathered near New Street Station demanding more assistance from the council.

The drivers staged a stationary protest on Smallbrook Queensway by driving their cabs slowly from 3 p.m to 6 p.m.

The council has pledged £15m to help the cabbies, but they are demanding more financial assistance. According to the drivers, they are not opposing the clean air zone charges but want more support from the council.

A black cab driver said that the drivers in London got £10,000 towards the upgrading of their vehicles, but we’re only getting £5,000 which is nothing when the total upgrading cost is above £12000.

The Clean Air Zone charges are due to begin in January 2020 and would affect all petrol cars made before 2006 and all diesel vehicles manufactured before 2015.

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