Accident taxi

A Taxi Driver Has Been Taken to Hospital After a Crash

Five people, including a taxi driver, got serious injuries in a crash involving three vehicles outside the entrance to St John’s RC Primary School in Trowbridge […]
Glasgow Taxi

Glasgow Taxi Driver Suspended for Punching the Female Passenger

A Taxi driver from Glasgow is suspended for six months because of punching a female passenger, who was kicking the outside of his vehicle. Kenneth Clark […]
taxi window smash

Man Jailed For Smashing Taxi Window to Avoid £20 Fare

Twenty-eight years old Thomas Barlow got into the taxi with another man around 3 am on February 9 last year, before asking to be taken to […]
edinburgh taxi

Edinburgh Black Cab Driver Furious Over £3,000 Damage

A black cab driver from Edinburgh has accused Scottish water of £3,000 worth of damage to his taxi after he drove over an open manhole. Forty-eight […]

Young Police Officer Became Abusive After Refusing to Pay Taxi Fare

A Young and intoxicated police officer became abusive after refusing to pay for a taxi ride and attacked the vehicle’s windows and doors. Richard Olsen, PC […]
fare dodger

Taxi Driver Helps Fare Dodger Who Shattered His Leg

A man who was allegedly trying to dodge a taxi fare ended up breaking his leg by jumping over a cemetery wall in Anfield. The 37-year-old […]

Oxford Taxi Driver Beaten Up Brutally Over £5.60 Fare

A man from Oxford launched a vicious attack on a taxi driver, repeatedly punching and kicking him to the neck after being asked to pay £5.60 […]

Milton Keynes Private Hire Drivers Successfully Prosecuted for Illegally Plying for Hire

Two private hire drivers have been successfully prosecuted at MK Magistrates’ Court for illegally plying for hire following a joint enforcement operation conducted by Milton Keynes, […]

Taxi Firm Advertising for Drivers Accused of Racism

A taxi firm from Port Talbot that posted on Facebook stating it did not “want Pakistanis” drivers has denied being racist. The owner of Sandfields-based firm […]
Hull Pit bull

Woman Claims Discrimination After Hull Minicab Firm Refuses to Take Her Pit Bull

A dog owner Michelle Scott has blasted a local minicab firm from Hull for refusing to send a car to pick her and her beloved pit […]

Wakefield Taxi Driver Beaten, Robbed and Left for Dead

A taxi driver from Wakefield who is also a father of two children, Muhammad Akram, 41, was brutally assaulted by three passengers on a Sunday morning […]

Drunk KFC Worker Smashed Taxi Window With Flying Kick

A drunk KFC worker launched a flying kick at a taxi outside a nightclub after becoming angry at the taxi driver. The 22-year-old KFC worker Joel […]

Uber Settles Women’s Sex Assault Cases in the UK

Uber has agreed to out-of-court settlements with two women who were sexually assaulted by one of the firm’s drivers. The victims, who were unknown to each […]

Three Men Arrested After the Cowardly Attack on a Taxi Driver

Three men from Widnes have been arrested after a dad was left unconscious from a coward attack. The dad, a taxi driver from Widnes, was on […]
plymouth taxi

Plymouth Taxi Driver Loses Court Battle to Win Back His Licence

A taxi driver from Plymouth who terrified many passengers by speeding through built-up areas of Plymouth has lost the legal battle to win back his licence. […]
Birmingham Air

Leeds and Birmingham Clean Air Zones Postponed Due to Government Delays

The introduction of Clean Air Zones in Birmingham and Leeds has been postponed due to a government delay, Birmingham and Leeds’s councils says. The reason for […]
Edinburgh airport

Edinburgh Airport Deploy Cameras to Catch Rogue Taxi and Private Hire Drivers

Edinburgh Airport has decided to deploy a HIGH-TECH eye in the sky to crackdown on rogue taxi and private hire drivers picking up passengers illegally. According […]
fake taxi cousins

Fake Taxi Drivers Jailed for Robbing Drunken Passengers

Two cousins who kidnapped and robbed drinkers in Coventry by posing as taxi drivers have been jailed. According to the report, Vasile Stoian and Englezo Tanase […]

Polish Taxi Driver Ordered to Remove the Flag Sticker From His Cab

A Polish taxi driver from Stratford-upon-Avon has been asked to remove the sticker combining the Union Jack and Polish flag in his car window. Forty-four years […]

Woman From Edinburgh Vowed Never to Use Uber Again

An Edinburgh lady has vowed never to use Uber again after she was hit with an ugly surge charge by Uber at the weekend. Kim McAllister […]