Cab Driver Loses His Licence After Performing Doughnuts

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Cab Driver Loses His Licence After Performing Doughnuts

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A mom from Thornaby claims that a cab driver did ‘doughnuts’ to provoke a parking warden with her eight-year-old young son locked inside his vehicle.

Claire Robottom, a 35 years old mom told that she was going to an appointment with her son in a private cab. She stopped the cab to pick up something from a shop near Thornaby town centre. George said he would stay in the vehicle while his mother went into the shop, and in reply, she agreed.

When Claire went inside the shop, there was an argument between the driver and the parking warden on the car parking issue. According to her, she witnessed that at first driver was arguing with the warden and after that, he started performing doughnuts and spinning his vehicle while her frightened son was screaming ‘there’s been a fight’ from the back seat of the car.

The driver was asked to move the car, but instead, he chose to confront the warden for nothing by performing doughnuts to provoke him. Claire claimed that the altercation between the warden and the driver has left her young son traumatised who was crying helplessly in the locked vehicle.

A spokesman from the Stockton council said, “It is the responsibility of every licenced driver to take care of the passenger’s safety in which the driver failed badly.” Stockton Council revoked the driver’s licence.

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