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plymouth taxi

Plymouth Taxi Driver Loses Court Battle to Win Back His Licence

A taxi driver from Plymouth who terrified many passengers by speeding through built-up areas of Plymouth has lost the legal battle to win back his licence. […]
Birmingham Air

Leeds and Birmingham Clean Air Zones Postponed Due to Government Delays

The introduction of Clean Air Zones in Birmingham and Leeds has been postponed due to a government delay, Birmingham and Leeds’s councils says. The reason for […]
Edinburgh airport

Edinburgh Airport Deploy Cameras to Catch Rogue Taxi and Private Hire Drivers

Edinburgh Airport has decided to deploy a HIGH-TECH eye in the sky to crackdown on rogue taxi and private hire drivers picking up passengers illegally. According […]
fake taxi cousins

Fake Taxi Drivers Jailed for Robbing Drunken Passengers

Two cousins who kidnapped and robbed drinkers in Coventry by posing as taxi drivers have been jailed. According to the report, Vasile Stoian and Englezo Tanase […]