Drunk KFC Worker Smashed Taxi Window With Flying Kick

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Drunk KFC Worker Smashed Taxi Window With Flying Kick

A drunk KFC worker launched a flying kick at a taxi outside a nightclub after becoming angry at the taxi driver. The 22-year-old KFC worker Joel Aggrey was at the Arkade nightclub in Leicester city centre when he attacked a taxi which was picking up a fare. The boy smashed the taxi’s window with the kick and then punched the car before walking off up Church Gate.

Joel Aggrey appeared at Leicester Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday where he was pleaded guilty to one count of causing criminal damage. The Prosecutor said in court: “The taxi driver was outside the Arkade nightclub in Gravel Street, Leicester, picking up a fare just before 6 am on February 17. “He had his passenger in the back of the vehicle, and he looked towards the club and saw the defendant run-up to the taxi and do a jump kick, smashing the window.

After attacking the taxi, Aggrey walked off along Church Gate, and the taxi driver called 999. The city centre’s CCTV control room and the police worked together to locate Joel Aggrey, and he was arrested later that morning.

The Prosecutor further said that rather than charging Joel, the police initially offered to let him off with a caution if he agreed to pay £650 in compensation to the taxi driver which he failed.

Joel Aggrey was given a 12-month community order work and ordered to pay the £650 in compensation to the taxi driver.

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