Edinburgh Airport Deploy Cameras to Catch Rogue Taxi and Private Hire Drivers

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Edinburgh Airport Deploy Cameras to Catch Rogue Taxi and Private Hire Drivers

Edinburgh airport

Edinburgh Airport has decided to deploy a HIGH-TECH eye in the sky to crackdown on rogue taxi and private hire drivers picking up passengers illegally.

According to a report, cameras will track down any taxi or private hire vehicle that contravene bylaws by picking-up passengers in the wrong areas. The administration of the airport has taken the action after spotting a rise in touting, tailgating through the exit barriers and congestion.

Adrian Witherow, Chief Operating Officer at Edinburgh Airport said: “We will never compromise on the safety of our staff and passengers that’s why we are taking measures to eliminate every type of illegal practice including touting and tailgating.

“It is disappointing that a small number of trade members are operating illegally and out with safety procedures. but we are hopeful that after these measures things will become better.”

Signage to make users aware of the new measures has been installed and any driver that pick-up passengers in the drop off zone will receive an immediate parking charge notice of £100.

It is being said that the airport intervened to ensure cabbies stay in their vehicles to prevent them from influencing customer’s decision and reducing confrontations between the drivers while picking up a passenger.

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