Fake Taxi Drivers Jailed for Robbing Drunken Passengers

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Fake Taxi Drivers Jailed for Robbing Drunken Passengers

fake taxi cousins

Two cousins who kidnapped and robbed drinkers in Coventry by posing as taxi drivers have been jailed.

According to the report, Vasile Stoian and Englezo Tanase toured the city centre on the lookout for drunk people before luring them into their car with promises of cheap lifts.

The pair of boys were jailed for seven years each having admitted striking three times inside seven days in November 2017, but it is being said that they may have committed up to 10 robberies in that phase.

On November 4, 2017, the cousins picked up a man outside Spon Gate pub and used his card to withdraw £300 in cash and made contactless payments to mini markets in Europe.

The next day both of them collected a drunken man from Birmingham, his cards were also used to withdraw £250 in cash.

Again on November 11, another victim got into what he thought was a taxi in Spon Street before being robbed of bank cards which were used later for fuel and meal at McDonald’s.

West Midlands Police detectives identified the pattern of all the robberies and linked a Mercedes used in the offences to Vasile Stoian’s address in Stepney Road, Stoke.

The cousins still denied the three counts of kidnaps and robberies, but on the first day of their trial, they entered guilty pleas and were jailed.

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