Glasgow City Council Blocks Female-Only Taxi Service Plans for Being Sexist

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Glasgow City Council Blocks Female-Only Taxi Service Plans for Being Sexist

female-only taxi

Glasgow City Council has blocked the plans of launching a female-only taxi service in Glasgow.

The app was designed to accommodate female passengers and make them feel safer by launching a female-only taxi service, but it has been rejected for excluding men.

Margo Welsh sent a proposal to start Rosy and Pink Cars, which offers female drivers to female passengers and their children, was rejected by licensing chiefs at Glasgow City Council. Margo was eager to launch the service after seeing the sexual attacks on the women, but the councillors branded the proposal as “sexist”.

Margo Welsh slammed the decision, saying: “The proposal was legitimate and there is surely a need for this type of service. I think they should have let another option to the women as most of the companies are male predominant.”

The Licensing convener Alex Wilson said: “If it were the other way round we would be looking at discrimination against females, so, considering all circumstances this is the best decision we could have made.

Margo Welsh said she won’t be giving up on her plan just yet despite the “intimidating” encounter with the council members. Her lawyer Stephen McCaffrey disagreed and called the councillors “hostile and dismissive”.

He said: “I have appeared before many committees over the last ten years throughout the UK but the hearing this morning was the most hostile and dismissive.”

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