Hero Taxi Driver Saved a Young Woman From Assault

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Hero Taxi Driver Saved a Young Woman From Assault

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We have seen many heroes in our lives. Some of the heroes belong to the film industries, and some of them are from armed forces, but the hero we are talking here is just an ordinary taxi driver. It all started from a Facebook post in which a 68 years old woman is in search of a hero taxi driver who saved her daughter from being severely assaulted by a man on Brighton beach.

On Saturday morning when the taxi driver was fulfilling his daily routine, suddenly he saw a man grabbing a woman violently near the beach. After the anticipation of the taxi driver, the man ran away following a chase by the driver. After the unsuccessful pursuit, the driver went back to comfort the woman who was suffering from pain.

The mother of the woman left an emotional post on social media in which she made a heartfelt plea to find the driver who saved the life of her daughter. She further included that I want to thank him in person for what he has done, my family is pleased, and this incident has restored my faith in society — the driver who reportedly in his fifties is still unknown, however, no reports of any arrest from police officials.

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