Hull Taxi Driver Attacked by Two Women After Refusing to Pay the Fare

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Hull Taxi Driver Attacked by Two Women After Refusing to Pay the Fare

Hull Taxi

There was a horrifying moment in Hull when two women attacked a taxi in a racist rage after refusing to pay the demanded fare. The pair of a woman, aged 29 and 18, also caused three hundred pounds worth of damage to the cab. The women also racially abused the driver Ako Swara by calling him a “p**i”.

The cabbie picked up 29 years old Lucy Shaun 18 years old Abbie White at around 4 in the morning. After reaching their destination, the women refused to pay the fare, and in return, the driver locked down the doors of the cab.

Both women are pleaded guilty to racial abuse and criminal damage with Lucy admitting to abusing the driver in the heat of the moment.

Abbie, who is 18, after her appearance before Hull Magistrates Court, she said: “Why should I need to apologise when I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Abbie added, “I am not so sure about the racial abuse, but maybe I did it mistakenly because I was frustrated.”

Lucy Shaun, who was also convicted first time at Hull Magistrates Court, has explained a similar version of events. She said: “I am against racism and this is the first time I am involved in something like that because we were drunk and scared and he was making fun of us.

Both of the women will reappear before Hull Magistrates Court on 26th April where they will be sentenced.

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