Lady Feeling Like a Burden Because of Discourteous Taxi Drivers

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Lady Feeling Like a Burden Because of Discourteous Taxi Drivers

Gemma Price was left for dead by her jealous ex-boyfriend who hit her across the head 15 times with a hammer in early 2011. Gemma’s family was making arrangements of her funeral, but after being placed on a life support machine for a month a miracle happens, and she started recovering.

It’s been eight years now, and she is still struggling in her life, she has experienced some incidents where taxis have refused her a ride without reason. According to her, it has happened few times in the previous three months, the latest of them have occurred on 11th January, in Neath, Wales.

Image Credit: Jonathan Myers

Gemma and her partner Shane Jeffreys were out with friends and at 1:30 am they approached a taxi driver who turned them down. Gemma said, “This makes me feel like I am not a part of this society and I don’t want to go out anymore.” The 36-year-old lady prefers a standard car rather than a minibus as she can easily transfer herself into a mini car. After the refusal of the taxi driver, they had to book a minibus to reach home.

Her partner Mr. Shane Jeffreys said: “It has started to happen on a regular basis from previous 6-7 months, we want somebody to sort it out. It’s heart wrecking when after a lovely evening these types of incidents ruin our night”.

The Neath Talbot council spokesman confirmed that they are investigating this incident.

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  1. Ron Glass says:

    Unbelievable I’ve been driving a mini cab for over 25 years and never refused anyone with a disability, report these drivers hopefully they’ll lose their licences