Lilium Plans to Launch All-electric Flying Taxi Across London by 2025

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Lilium Plans to Launch All-electric Flying Taxi Across London by 2025

Lilium Air Taxi

Germany based startup Lilium is in the business of air travel and yesterday they have revealed their five-seater prototype air taxi that could take you to work in 2025 and beyond.

Speaking about the flying taxi, Lilium’s co-founder and CEO, Daniel Wiegand said: “Today is a big day as our announcement will change the dynamics of the transportation, our team has worked hard to design this flying taxi in a couple of years that will sever as our template for mass production.”

Lilium’s new air taxi is powered by 36 jet engines, which shall help it in take-off and land vertically. The design is fairly straight forward, that’ll be safe in the air, and moreover, it will be more affordable to build and design. The new air taxi has a top speed of 300km/h and a range of 300km, and unlike other forms of air travel, it has no operation emissions.

The jet taxi completed a successful test flight at the Lilium HQ in Munich earlier this month. Lilium’s head of flight test said: “A maiden flight is always a moment of truth for every business, we are happy that our air taxi has performed as exactly as we wished and planned.”

Lilium is working intending to have a fully operational service by 2025. Using the Lilium app, people will be able to locate their nearest landing pad and can go to work through the air.

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