Man Jailed For Smashing Taxi Window to Avoid £20 Fare

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Man Jailed For Smashing Taxi Window to Avoid £20 Fare

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Twenty-eight years old Thomas Barlow got into the taxi with another man around 3 am on February 9 last year, before asking to be taken to various locations around Norwich. After sleeping for the significant part of the journey, Barlow tried to escape the cab and threatened the driver when he realised he wouldn’t be able to pay to the driver.

Finding the doors locked, Barlow tried to pay £6 before smashing one of the windows and running away.

Lucy Miller, prosecuting at Norwich Magistrates Court, said Barlow had been picked up from Tombland, asking to go to Thorpe Road. Both men slept for the significant part of the journey, then said they wanted to go to Hawthorn Road and on to another location.

The other man in the cab was saying to his friend, and you haven’t got the money, how are you going to pay? After that, Barlow tried to open the door, which can’t be done unless the meter is cleared. The taxi driver told Barlow if he didn’t pay, he couldn’t get out.

He was shouting and punching the window between the driver and the passengers, and the driver decided to drive back to Norwich to the police station. On route to the police station, Barlow was shouting and making threats.

In the victim statement, the taxi driver said he had lost faith in other customers and now tries to get money upfront.

The court sentenced him for six weeks consecutively for criminal damage and making off without payment. Barlow, of Oakdale Road, Brundall, has also been ordered to pay £195 in compensation for the broken window and £20.80 for the taxi fare.

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  1. Karen owers says:

    It’s getting out of order!!! Taxi drivers have a job to do to get people home safely and be paid for doing so. Taxi drivers need better protection as this sort of thing is happening more and more. It really is worrying. It’s not a nice job any more and the wages certainly are not enough to put up with this sort of carry on.