Oxford Taxi Driver Beaten Up Brutally Over £5.60 Fare

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Oxford Taxi Driver Beaten Up Brutally Over £5.60 Fare

A man from Oxford launched a vicious attack on a taxi driver, repeatedly punching and kicking him to the neck after being asked to pay £5.60 in terms of fare.

The passenger Belhimer got into a taxi at Hazel Road, Botley, together with two others at about 4.22am. Belhimer was acting strange from the start as he was dancing on the seat and also refused to wear the seatbelt.

At the end of the journey when he was asked to pay the full fare of £11.60 Belhimer, who had downed half a bottle of rum that night, instead of £11.60 handed over £6. Mr Ali insisted for the remaining £5.60 and when Belhimer refused the taxi driver said he would call the police and took out his phone.

Both of them were arguing when Belhimer got angry, and he grabbed the phone out of his hands and began kicking and punching the driver. The ‘repeated’ attack detailed to the court included a punch which sent Mr Ali to the floor and two kicks to his neck while he was lying on the ground. Mr Ali felt like he was losing consciousness and Belhimer told him he had a knife before dragging him to his feet.

After a few minutes, the police arrived, and the violence was quickly brought to an end, and Mr Ali was rushed to the John Radcliffe Hospital. Mr Ali’s injuries included a fracture to his cheekbone, cuts and bleeding, as well as significant swelling to one eye.

After the arrest, Belhimer told police he had done nothing wrong and claimed the driver had been the aggressor, despite him receiving no injuries. Belhimer wept in the dock as he was jailed for 36 months.

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