Plymouth Taxi Driver Loses Court Battle to Win Back His Licence

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Plymouth Taxi Driver Loses Court Battle to Win Back His Licence

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A taxi driver from Plymouth who terrified many passengers by speeding through built-up areas of Plymouth has lost the legal battle to win back his licence.

The 40 years old Hackney carriage driver, Kenan Aktas, had his taxi licence revoked a year ago after several complaints by the customers. Some passengers accused the driver of overcharging, and others claimed that he drove too fast through the city. Plymouth City Council revoked his licence a year ago, and after that, he appealed to the magistrates.

Plymouth Crown Court upheld the decision of Plymouth City Council, which means that the cabbie from Plymouth has reached the end of the road. He will also have to pay the £3,223 to cover the council’s legal costs in fighting the case.

The council said that the complaints included reports about speeding in a built-up area which made passengers “terrified”. He also broke the red lights a few times, and we can’t compromise on the safety of the passengers.

After the hearing, the judge said that applying the test of a “safe and suitable” driver, the council was right to revoke the licence of the driver.

Councillor Sally Haydon said: “The taxis are an important part of our public transport, and it has to be safe; therefore, we will make sure every driver comply with the law.”

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