Taxi Driver Helps Fare Dodger Who Shattered His Leg

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Taxi Driver Helps Fare Dodger Who Shattered His Leg

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A man who was allegedly trying to dodge a taxi fare ended up breaking his leg by jumping over a cemetery wall in Anfield.

The 37-year-old cabbie, Robert Wilnicki, picked his passenger from Childwall Abbey pub at around midnight on Tuesday, August 6 and was driving him to Goodison Park. But when Robert got to Priory Garage on Priory Road in Anfield, the passenger asked for his permission to go to relieve himself.

After a few minutes, the taxi driver started worrying about his fare had done a runner and drove around the area to see if he could spot him, the cabbie eventually found the passenger on the ground in Anfield Cemetery having broken his leg jumping over the wall while running.

Robert, who is driving a private hire vehicle from 16 months, went to alert police officers who were parked in Stanley Park and bring them to the Anfield Cemetery. The police then called an ambulance to attend to the man who had jumped over a high fence into the cemetery.

The guy was claiming that he jumped over the fence to find a place to relieve himself, but obviously, he could do it anywhere without jumping.

Robert said, In his 16 months driving private hire vehicle, he’s had around eight passengers run off without paying him fares, which is frustrating when you are trying to support a family.

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