Taxi Driver Racially Abused and Attacked in Greater Manchester

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Taxi Driver Racially Abused and Attacked in Greater Manchester

Racially Attacked

Seven teenagers racially abused a taxi driver before beating him terribly with sticks after he confronted them for throwing stones at his vehicle. According to the report, the group of seven teenage boys targeted the cabbie as he was driving along the Kenyon Way in Little Hulton, Salford.

The driver stopped the vehicle and told the boys to stop throwing stones at this car. The group of boys got furious over the confrontation of the driver and responded by spitting racist abuse at him, before severely beating him with sticks.

According to the Police, the seven white teenage boys were wearing dark clothes along with hooded sweatshirts. The Police department is taking the case as a hate crime and appealed the witnesses of the incident to come forward.

An official from the Salford Police said: “These type of hate crimes will never be tolerated in our community and we will do our best to find those who are responsible for this vicious attack.

“We have been using all of our resources, and we have also asked public for the help so we can solve this case as soon as possible.

“If you have seen anything or know even a single thing about the incident, please contact us on 0161 856 2836 with the case reference 1132, and you can also call anonymously on the Crimestoppers helpline, 0800 555 111.

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