Taxi Firm Advertising for Drivers Accused of Racism

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Taxi Firm Advertising for Drivers Accused of Racism

A taxi firm from Port Talbot that posted on Facebook stating it did not “want Pakistanis” drivers has denied being racist. The owner of Sandfields-based firm said he wouldn’t employ foreign drivers because our customers do not like them.

Janet Cardy, the wife of the taxi firm owner, posted an advertisement for new drivers on Facebook on Sunday. Later, when she was engaging with some of the responses in the comments, Mrs Cardy wrote: “No p***s” and she told the applicant to try another firm who accept and have foreign drivers.

The Facebook post from Mrs Candy has since been deleted, but a screenshot was taken and has been widely shared across the social media.

Mrs Cardy’s husband, firm owner Howard Cardy said he often picked up the taxi service’s phone many times and claimed that his customers often ask not to send a p***. He further added: my experience is that most customers prefer white, British drivers, and we can’t do much about it.

Mr Candy said we also had a foreign driver before, from Croatia, but people didn’t like him because of his accent. The company owner said we were not racist, adding in the past, they had employed two men from Bangladesh, but our customers were not fond of them.

Commenting on social media, Sarah Miller wrote “I have always rung your company when in need of a taxi but after this disgrace of a post I shall never use your firm again.

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