Uber Driver Ordered to Pay £700 Fine in Basildon Essex

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Uber Driver Ordered to Pay £700 Fine in Basildon Essex

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An Uber driver was found guilty of unlawfully plying for hire in a joint operation by the city council licensing team and Essex police who have set out a strict plan on unlawful ply for hire in Basildon.

The hearing of the case occurred at Basildon Magistrates court in which the 49 years old driver Philip Ogunoye was ordered to pay a hefty fine of £700. The actual amount of punishment was £462 which became over £700 after including victim surcharge of £46 and costs of £200. The Uber driver was also given six penalty points on his driving licence.

Basildon’s councillor Peter Holliman congratulated city licensing team and Essex police for their excellent partnership. He further said that this is an exceptionally impressive initiative for the safety of the general public and this execution is a clear message for all of those who are plying illegally for hire in our city.

The city council and police officers are expected to operate regularly in Basildon to eliminate illegal plying because it invalidates the insurance of the vehicle. It is to remind that the hackney carriage cars are only permitted to ply for hire in Basildon.

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  1. Shah says:

    Uber driver 🤷🏼‍♂️ What is it got to do with Uber if you don’t insurance and u r working somewhere else illegal how is it Uber fault. Blaming Uber for everything