Uber Settles Women’s Sex Assault Cases in the UK

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Uber Settles Women’s Sex Assault Cases in the UK

Uber has agreed to out-of-court settlements with two women who were sexually assaulted by one of the firm’s drivers.

The victims, who were unknown to each other, were picked up by the Uber driver Naveed Iqbal on different evenings in Leeds in December 2015. According to both women, the driver assaulted them in the front seat of the vehicle.

Lawyer Irwin Mitchell said it was the first known case of the kind in the UK against Uber and the ride-hailing giant said it had “investigated thoroughly”.

Leeds City Council started an investigation and found that Mr Iqbal used his brother’s Uber driver login while he was away and assaulted the women. The investigation found that the account did belong to the brother, but he was in out of the UK at the time.

No criminal charges were brought but the owner lost his private hire licence and was told to pay £1,500 in terms of legal fees.

Lawyer Emma Crowther, who acted for the women, said: “If Uber had properly investigated the alleged assault suffered by our first client then we believe that the driver would not have been free to go on and pick up the second woman just a week later, during which it is reported he escalated in his abusive behaviour.”

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