Unlicensed Cabbie Prosecuted by Folkestone and Hythe District Council

Taxi Driver From Sandwell Loses Licence After Mounting Pavement Outside School

Unlicensed Cabbie Prosecuted by Folkestone and Hythe District Council

A rogue and selfish cab driver who was running an unlicensed taxi business has been ordered to pay more than £2,000. Kelvin Rumsey from Elham was prosecuted following an undercover operation by Folkestone and Hythe District Council. Rumsey had advertised his illegal business in a village newsletter, at a pub and online for several years.

The authority becomes aware of his actions after he attracted the interest of police and concerned members of the public, who reported him to the administration. As a result, the council wrote to Rumsey reminding him of his legal responsibilities. But he ignored the letter and continued to promote and operate the service.

During the investigation, a test ride was made by an undercover agent, who was acting on behalf of the councils driven from Elham to the Ashford International station. After the completion of the trip, the council then moved forward with its prosecution against Rumsey.

Rumsey pleaded guilty to three serious driving offences, not having a valid private hire driver licence, vehicle licence or an operator’s licence at Folkestone Magistrates’ Court last week.

He was fined £1,500 and ordered to pay costs of £605.80 and a £50 victim surcharge, bringing the total bill for his dishonest actions to £2,155.80.

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