Woman From Edinburgh Vowed Never to Use Uber Again

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Woman From Edinburgh Vowed Never to Use Uber Again

An Edinburgh lady has vowed never to use Uber again after she was hit with an ugly surge charge by Uber at the weekend.

Kim McAllister from Edinburgh booked a cab back from an event at Prestonfield House to her home in Colinton, a journey of around nine miles which usually costs her £35. However, when the lady woke up in the morning and checked her statement, she was shocked after knowing that she had been charged £129 for a nine miles ride.

She admits that she saw the x3.7 notice on the app at the time of the booking of the car, but didn’t realise its significance at the time. Kim said: “I am not tech-savvy so didn’t realise what that meant. It’s a reality that when you are trying to get home, you only see the estimated time.

Kim admits that she contacted Uber support the next morning and offered them to deduct the double amount instead of the x3.7 surcharge with the support team denied her request.

The lady is now warning people of the dangers of falling foul of the same surcharge in a social media post to make as many people aware as possible.

When asked if she would consider using Uber again, She said: “No. Not at all. I thought about it a lot and decided we won’t use it ever again, and we have a lot of other options here in Edinburgh.

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  1. Mini me says:

    A black cab wouldn’t be that price or 7s with there discount off 20%off metered fares should only be. Around £15 there off Uber have and will always rip people off as they do. My advice NEVER GET A ÜBER unless you wanting ripped OFF